British Typhoon fighter jets arrive in Saudi Arabia for large-scale exercise

Typhoon Fighter Jets. Photo: Flicke Typhoon Fighter Jets. Photo: Flicke

British Typhoons from the XI Squadron (Fighter) have arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join this year’s Spears of Victory exercise, which is being held at King Abdulaziz Air Base.

The RAF has been mobilized for this large-scale multinational air warfare training exercise hosted by Saudi Arabia.

In addition to RAF Typhoons participating in this year’s exercise, the Royal Saudi Air Force will fly their own Typhoons, Tornados, and F-15s.

Royal Saudi Air Force Royal Saudi Air Force. Photo: Nara

F-16s are participating from Bahrain, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi F-15s will join others from Qatar.

The French air and space detachment will contribute Rafales, and the Pakistan Air Force will fly their JF-17s. The Royal Air Force of Oman will also fly Typhoons.

The United States detachment is not flying this year but has committed a mixed unit of National Guards to provide a range of ground support activities, including firefighting security and logistics to support the exercise.

During the exercise, nations will conduct defensive and offensive air operations as well as air interdiction training against real and simulated threats. The goal is to test pilots’ reactions in a variety of situations in a challenging aerial environment.

Source: ukdefencejournal

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