Video: Saab Releases Images of Gripen C Flying Alongside Its Newest Generation, Gripen E

Saab Releases Images of Gripen C Flying Alongside Its Newest Generation, Gripen E. Photos and Video: Instagram Reproduction @saab

Saab, the Swedish aircraft manufacturer, recently released a spectacular video that shows the Gripen C fighter jet flying side by side with its more advanced and larger version, the Gripen E.

This event marks a significant moment in the history of military aviation, illustrating the progress and evolution of aeronautical technology.

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Saab expressed pride in this achievement, stating, “We are proud to present the result of the first dedicated photo session of a Gripen E flying alongside a Gripen C. This will soon be a familiar sight in the skies of Sweden and, hopefully, in other nations as well.” The footage also included a stunning display of bright flares to celebrate the holiday season.

This remarkable feat was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Swedish Air Force Heavy Airlift Wing in Såtenäs, which facilitated the aerial footage.

Key Differences between the Gripen C and the E

Payload Capacity and Size:

The Gripen E, being larger, offers extended payload capacity and operational range, allowing it to carry more weaponry and equipment.

Engine and Performance:

Equipped with the GE F414G engine, the Gripen E surpasses the Gripen C’s Volvo Aero RM12 engine, providing greater power and improved performance in aspects such as speed, range, and payload capacity.

Avionics and Electronic Systems:

The E model features advanced avionics and upgraded electronic systems, including state-of-the-art AESA radar and enhanced electronic warfare systems.

Fuel Capacity:

With significantly larger fuel capacity, the Gripen E ensures a longer operational range and more time in the air.

Network and Communication Capabilities:

Designed for network-centric operations, the Gripen E offers enhanced interoperability and communication capabilities.

Sensors and Self-Defense System:

An advanced sensor suite and sophisticated self-defense system provide greater situational awareness and protection.

Cockpit Configurations:

The Gripen E’s cockpit features modern displays and an updated flight control interface system to facilitate operation in various combat conditions.


Saab Gripen C

Gripen C. Photos and Video: Instagram Reproduction @saab
Length: 14.1 meters
Wingspan: 8.4 meters
Height: 4.5 meters
Maximum Takeoff Weight: Approximately 14,000 kg

Saab Gripen E

Gripen E. Photos and Video: Instagram Reproduction @saab
Length: 15.2 meters
Wingspan: 8.6 meters
Height: 4.7 meters
Maximum Takeoff Weight: Approximately 16,500 kg

Photos and video: Instagram Reproduction @saab

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