Video: Iran Reveals New “Azerakhsh” Missile System for Drone Destruction

Azerakhsh. Telegram / tasnim_military

Iran announced today the successful interception and destruction of a drone of the “Ababil” model using its newly revealed “Azerakhsh” missile system.

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This system, specifically designed for low-altitude combat, represents a significant milestone in Iran’s ability to protect its vital and strategic centers against hostile aerial vehicles, including drones and micro aerial vehicles (MAVs).

The “Azerakhsh“, whose name evokes power and speed, was developed as a response to the growing need for defense against small and agile aerial threats, which pose a challenge to conventional air defense systems. This system’s ability to precisely detect, track, and neutralize low-altitude aerial targets was demonstrated with the destruction of the “Ababil” drone, known for its versatility and operational capability in various environments.

Azerakhsh. Telegram / tasnim_military

The introduction of the “Azerakhsh” system is a clear message from Iran about its commitment to safeguarding its airspace and key installations. This also represents an advancement in the country’s air defense technology, emphasizing its ability to develop innovative and effective responses to the changing dynamics of aerial threats.

Source: Telegram / tasnim_military

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