Video: Car Crashes into Candy Store and Nearly Hits Woman with Child

Video: Car crashes into candy store and nearly hits woman with child

In an alarming incident that occurred on Saturday, 23, in the city of Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, a car crashed into the Sodiê Doces store, causing destruction and almost leading to a tragedy.

Security cameras captured the frightening moment when the gray vehicle broke through the facade of the store, nearly hitting a child who was at the checkout with their mother.

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The footage shows the child at the counter being served, alongside their mother, by three employees, when they are suddenly surprised by the car invading the place. In a quick reaction, the woman and child manage to run to the back of the store, avoiding being hit. The vehicle finally stops after destroying the store’s glass front and dragging tables along the way.
Fortunately, there were no injuries reported from the incident. The Military Police of São Paulo reported that the accident was caused when the driver of the car lost control after his vehicle was hit on the side by another car on Botafogo Street. Those present in the store were advised to file a police report.

Sodiê Doces confirmed that the store has already resumed its normal activities, highlighting that the damage was purely material. The company also stated that it is cooperating with the authorities in the investigation of the incident.

Photo and Video: Twitter reproduction

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