Venezuela Increases Number of Troops on Border with Guyana

Venezuela increases number of troops on the border with Guyana

Despite an agreement reached in January between Venezuela and Guyana to resolve the conflict over the Essequibo region, rich in oil, the Caracas regime is intensifying its military presence in the area. Information confirmed by both Guyanese media and journalists from CNN Brazil indicates a significant increase in Venezuelan troops in the region.

Satellite images from Maxar show that, in January, there was considerable development of operations from a military base on Anacoco Island, in Venezuela, located on the Cuyuni River, near the border with Guyana. Additionally, the images show new infrastructures and a growing number of armored vehicles being concentrated by Venezuelan military near the border with Guyana.
Videos published on social media by General Domingo Hernández Lárez, show tank exercises in Anacoco.

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Tension in the region has further escalated with the news that the Brazilian Armed Forces have sent over 30 vehicles, including armored vehicles, to the country’s border with Venezuela and Guyana. This movement comes amid concerns about the risk of a military conflict over the disputed Essequibo region.
Essequibo, an area of great strategic and economic importance due to its oil reserves, has been a point of contention between Venezuela and Guyana for decades. The recent increase in military presence in the region raises international concerns and questions the stability and security in South America.

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