Two Goodyear Test Drivers Die in Nürburgring Crash

Nürburgring. Photo: Wikimedia
Nürburgring. Photo: Wikimedia

During a commercial test drive at Nürburgring, two drivers died. The announcement was made by a spokesperson for Nürburgring.

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The spokesperson said that on Wednesday, on the racetrack, a vehicle had an accident in the Tiergarten section of the track while conducting a test drive. No other car was involved in the accident. The police confirmed the accident and the two deaths. A witness noted that the car rolled over multiple times.

Goodyear Confirmed the Fatal Accident

The two deceased were employees of the tire manufacturer Goodyear, as announced on Thursday. “We are deeply saddened that two Goodyear employees, based in Luxembourg, died in a car crash on a test track in Germany on August 9,” the press team of Goodyear Germany GmbH stated. “We are supporting the local authorities in their investigation.”

The Affected Car was a Porsche

The sports car manufacturer Porsche confirmed that the drivers were traveling in a car of their brand at the time of the accident. “We deeply regret the tragic accident and our thoughts are with the families,” said a spokesperson. “At this moment, we can only confirm that the car involved in the accident is a model of our brand,” she continued. “The test drives were not conducted by us and we neither own nor are the proprietors of this vehicle.”
For 16 weeks a year, the automotive industry conducts tests at the venue.

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