Video: Ukraine Launches New Armored Vehicle Inguar-3

Armored vehicle Inguar-3. Photos and video: InguarArmored vehicle Inguar-3. Photos and video: Inguar

The Ukrainian defense industry takes a significant step forward with the launch of the Inguar-3, the latest armored vehicle developed by the national company Inguar.

Aimed at bolstering the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, the Inguar-3 emerges as an innovative solution in the field of defense and security.

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Equipped with a powerful 356 horsepower Deutz engine and an Allison automatic transmission, the Inguar-3 stands out for its impressive performance capabilities. Designed to tackle the challenges of various terrains, the vehicle offers exceptional maneuverability, thanks to its independent suspension and automatic tire inflation system, ensuring mobility even under the most adverse conditions.

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Armored vehicle Inguar-3. Photos and video: Inguar
Furthermore, the Inguar-3 features 395/85 r20 tires with a run-flat system, ensuring continuous operability despite potential damage. The vehicle’s armor, following the Stanag 4569 Level 3a/3b protection standards, provides enhanced safety for the crew, including additional protection for the engine compartment against fragmentation.

The safety and efficacy of the Inguar-3 are further enhanced by advanced technologies such as surveillance cameras with night vision, an electronic warfare module, and an automatic fire suppression system. Amenities like chemical air filtration, autonomous cabin heating, and air conditioning offer additional comfort to the crew on extended missions.

As a modular tactical vehicle, the Inguar-3 adapts to a wide range of battlefield functions, from air defense and anti-tank to command and control, as well as medical evacuation. Available in 4×4 or 6×6 configurations, it represents the cutting edge in modular armored vehicles, ready to meet the demanding needs of the Ukrainian armed forces.

This launch symbolizes Ukraine’s commitment to developing innovative solutions for military defense, positioning the Inguar-3 as a crucial pillar in the strategy to reinforce national security against contemporary challenges.

Armored vehicle Inguar-3. Photos and video: Inguar
Source: Inguar

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