Video: Tests of the armored vehicle Novator-2 were shown in Ukraine for the first time


The Ukrainian company Ukrarmor, specialized in armored vehicles, announced last month an upgraded version of its vehicle Novator, now with capacity for ten passengers. This vehicle has undergone several improvements and has inspired the creation of other vehicles based on its design.

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The Novator, initially accommodating five passengers, was tested by the Big Test project, showcasing significant innovations incorporated into the new version. Among the main improvements is the modification of the chassis of the Ford F-550, developed based on the experience of units that used the vehicle in combat conditions.
Ford F-550 Ford F-550. Photo: Divulgação

The highlight is the enhanced suspension and control system, offering greater maneuverability and cross-country capability. “The front and rear suspensions have been reinforced, allowing the vehicle to drive quickly,” explained the Big Test. Additionally, the vehicle has been lengthened by 10 centimeters to accommodate an additional armored section for extra seats.

Responding to the military’s demand, the Novator has been modified to accommodate not only five but ten passengers. The vehicle’s weight has increased by 2 tons, reaching 9660 kg, while its payload capacity has risen to 3340 kg.

Innovations include additional armored windows with a thickness of 5 centimeters and an additional sunroof. The Novator has been equipped with the possibility of installing a remote weapon station with a machine gun. Developers are considering adding a dome-shaped electronic warfare system to suppress enemy drones.

The armor is made of Armox steel, known for its high resistance to mechanical penetration by small-caliber weapons and cold steel, widely used in military applications. The prototype of the armored vehicle Novator-2 was first presented in Poland in September of last year, marking a significant advancement in armored vehicle technology developed by Ukrarmor.

The first version of Novator The first version of Novator

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Photos and video: Reproduction Youtube @BigTest_SV and Ukrarmor
Source: Ukrarmor

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