Video Shows Ukrainian Robotic Tank Attacking Russian Positions

Video Shows Ukrainian Robotic Tank Attacking Russian Positions
Video Shows Ukrainian Robotic Tank Attacking Russian Positions. Photo: Divulgação

In a surprising revelation, the Ukrainian military has released rare footage of an attack conducted by an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) against Russian positions. The video, capturing the moment of the attack, suggests the involvement of a remotely controlled drone in direct confrontations with Russian military forces.

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The images show the drone attacking one of the Russian strongholds located near a road. Although the specific outcome of this attack and additional details about the drone used in the operation have not yet been officially confirmed, the implications are significant.

It is believed that the drone involved in the attack is the “Ironclad,” an innovative UGV developed by Ukrainian experts from Roboneers. This drone represents a revolutionary shift in conducting warfare, with a strong focus on preserving military lives.

Ironclad stands out for its technical capability, reaching a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. It is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and the combat tower Shablya M2. Additionally, it provides effective armored protection against shots from small-caliber weapons.

A crucial aspect of Ironclad is its ability to be operated remotely from secure locations, providing a safer alternative to traditional military operations in the field. This technology reflects the ongoing advancement in modern warfare, where drones and unmanned vehicles are becoming increasingly central to military strategies.

The use of Ironclad by the Ukrainian military marks a significant moment in the conflict, demonstrating the potential impact of technological innovations in contemporary warfare.

Photo and video: Reprodução Twitter @clashreport

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