Video Shows Polish Kamikaze Drone Destroying Russian Tor Air Defense System

Video shows Polish kamikaze drone destroying Russian Tor air defense system

An astonishing video has been published on the official Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, showing the Ukrainian forces allegedly using a Polish-made kamikaze drone to effectively destroy a Russian Tor air defense system.

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The ground-to-air Tor missile system, a key element in Russia’s air defense capability, was targeted by Polish munitions used by the Defense Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine (GUR). Soldiers of the 15th Separate Artillery Reconnaissance Brigade, known by the codename “Chornyi Lis” (Black Forest), located the Russian anti-aircraft system near the border.

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“Operators from the GUR of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense launched the UAV Warmate 3.0 into the sky and headed towards the coordinates of the friendly unit provided. During the approach, the Russians attempted to intercept the drone with a Tor missile, but failed – the munition continued its trajectory,” the official statement said.

Warmate. Wikimedia Warmate. Wikimedia

The Warmate, developed by WB Electronics, is categorized as a “kamikaze drone”. Weighing just under 12 kilograms, this small unmanned aerial system is equipped with a centrally mounted wing and a V-tail, reaching a maximum speed of over 90 miles per hour and maintaining flight for an average duration of approximately 70 minutes.

This incident highlights the growing sophistication and effectiveness of drones in modern conflicts, as well as the ongoing tension in the region. Ukraine’s use of the Warmate kamikaze drone demonstrates a new dimension in asymmetric warfare and a significant challenge to traditional air defense systems.

For more information and to view the video, the link to the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is available here.

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