Video Shows First Ukrainian Leopard 1A5 Destroyed by Russians

Video shows the first Ukrainian Leopard 1A5 destroyed by Russians. Photo and video: Reproduction Telegram Военная хроника

A video published on social media shows the first Leopard-1A5 being destroyed in the War in Ukraine, presumably in the direction of Svatovo.

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These types of vehicles were transferred to the armament of the 44th Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
It is presumed that the tank was hit by Russian artillery and then abandoned by the crew.


Leopard-1A5. Photo: Wikimedia

The Leopard-1A5 is an advanced and modernized version of the Leopard 1 battle tank, originally developed in Germany. This specific version, the 1A5, was introduced in the 1980s as a significant upgrade to the existing Leopard 1 models

Operational Range (vehicle): 600 km on road, 450 km off-road
Height: 2.70 m
Primary Armament: 1 105 mm cannon with 55 rounds
Secondary Armament: 2 x 7.62 mm MG-3 (coaxial and one above the turret) 5,500 rounds
Vehicle Armor: Steel: 70 mm (maximum); 10 mm (minimum)
Fuel Capacity: 37.4 l
Date of Creation: 1956

Photo and video: Reproduction Telegram Военная хроника

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