Video: Russia Deploys Iskander-M Missiles in Attack on Ukrainian Military Infrastructure in Kupyansk


Russia recently announced the use of the Iskander-M system, an advanced short-range ballistic missile system, to carry out an attack on Ukrainian military installations in the Kupyansk region.

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According to reports, the crew of the Iskander OTRK (Operational-Tactical Missile Complex) unit, belonging to the Russian Western Command, was responsible for executing the attack, specifically targeting the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Iskander-M, known for its mobility and the ability to be launched from roads, is designed to be a highly precise and efficient tool in neutralizing a diverse range of targets.

This system is capable of targeting not only military installations but also enemy missile systems, air defense and anti-missile systems, as well as warships and command and control centers.

Among the notable features of Iskander-M is its range of approximately 400-500 kilometers, allowing it to reach targets deep within enemy territory.

Additionally, the system is recognized for its high precision, with a probable circular error probable (CEP) of about 5-7 meters, making it especially effective against small and specific targets.

This recent use of Iskander-M by Russia on Ukrainian soil underscores the ongoing escalation in the conflict between the two countries.

The choice of this missile system, given its ability to target with high precision and effectiveness, demonstrates a significant increase in the intensity of military attacks in the region.

Photo and video: Reproduction from Telegram

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