Video: Russia Confirms Destruction of Another American Abrams Tank Towards Avdeevka

Video: Russia confirms destruction of another American Abrams tank towards Avdeevka

According to the Russian site Sputnik, Russia has managed to destroy the third Abrams tank and several other weapons, in addition to having eliminated hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers, said the Russian military body.

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According to the site, the Russian forces, which included the Tsentr (Center) troop grouping, destroyed a third Abrams tank manufactured by the US in the direction of Avdeevka and assumed more advantageous positions, reported the Russian Ministry of Defense on Monday (4).

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Abrams Tank. Photo: Flickr
Abrams Tank. Photo: Flickr

The Abrams tank, one of the main armored combat vehicles of the United States armed forces, is known for its strong armor, advanced firepower, and mobility on the battlefield.

Source: Telegram / SputnikBrasil

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