Video: NASA Unveils Experimental Supersonic Aircraft X-59

NASA unveils experimental supersonic aircraft X-59. Photo and video: NASA

NASA and Lockheed Martin revealed an experimental supersonic aircraft X-59 this Friday (12).

+ Click here to see the video of the X-59

“NASA’s X-59 will help change the way we travel, bringing us closer to each other in much less time,” said NASA’s Deputy Chief, Pamela Melroy, in connection with the aircraft’s presentation.

It is reported that the supersonic aircraft is expected to reach a speed of 1,488 kilometers per hour, but at the same time, it can reduce the usual noise emitted by this type of aircraft.

The X-59 is being developed as part of the Quesst program and its main task will be to collect sound data for possible review by regulatory authorities on the prohibition of commercial supersonic flights, NASA hopes.

The X-59 was designed and built by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company at

its Skunk Works facility in Palmdale, California. The aircraft’s #Quesst mission is managed by NASA.

A full view of the X-59. At 99 feet or 30 meters in length, its prominent features are its elongated nose and the long single engine located at the rear of the plane

Photos and videos: NASA

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