Video: Couple Discovers Hidden Tunnel in Their Garden

Video: Couple Discovers Hidden Tunnel in Their Garden. Photos and video: Tiktok @bexh5 Video: Couple Discovers Hidden Tunnel in Their Garden. Photos and video: Tiktok @bexh5

A couple from the United Kingdom discovered a mysterious tunnel buried under the backyard of their home in Kent, England.

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The discovery of the 50-meter tunnel, which is actually a World War II-era bomb shelter, was made by Rebecca Hobson, 34, and her partner Darren, and the videos they posted about the tunnel on TikTok (@bexh5) by Rebecca have amassed over 2 million combined views.

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The couple told, they moved into the three-bedroom house in the Kent village of Folkestone 15 years ago and, for most of that time, had no idea what was buried under their garden. Over the years, they began to hear stories from locals about the existence of an old shelter on their property and, sure enough, in 2020 they removed a stone and found the entrance. It was only at the beginning of this year that they fully explored it, finding a variety of rusty bottles and a toy gun, some of which you can see in this image they shared in a TikTok slideshow:

“We thought it would be quite small, but it was amazing and we were so shocked by its size,” said Rebecca.

The shelter is a long tunnel, whose end is blocked by debris. According to Hobson, this led to an exit on their neighbor’s property. As you can see in the video, the floor of the shelter is still muddy even after the couple did some cleaning. They added lights along the length of the tunnel, but plan to preserve it as it was.

“We asked the local school if they want to come visit it and show the children,” Hobson said. “I feel very privileged that we have this little piece of history in our garden.”

Photos and video: Tiktok @bexh5

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