Video: Aviastar Delivers New Modernized Military Transport Aircraft Il-76MD-90A

Il-76MD-90A. Photos and video: Reproduction Telegram
Il-76MD-90A. Photos and video: Reproduction Telegram

Aviastar has delivered the Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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“Another aircraft from this year’s program is in the final stage of factory testing. We will fulfill our obligations to supply military transport vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Defense in a timely manner,” said Daniil Brenerman, General Director of Il PJSC.
According to the statement, the PJSC “Il” subsidiary – Aviastar continues to increase its production and manufacturing indices. We plan to further expand the series. Production reservations for the next year are already being created.”

The Il-76MD-90A is a modernized version of the Il-76MD aircraft and following sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several imported components were replaced with parts made in Russia itself.

The updated aircraft has improved basic characteristics compared to previous versions. In particular, the flight range and the transported load have been increased, as well as the accuracy of aircraft navigation and landing, and the quality of radio communications.

The aircraft is designed for the transport and parachute landing of military equipment, personnel, and cargo.

Photos and video: Reproduction Telegram

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