Video: Airbus showcases the performance of the military helicopter H175M in the desert of Saudi Arabia

H175M H175M. Photo: Reproduction Twitter AirbusHeli

As one of the newest members of Airbus Helicopters’ military range, the H175M flew into one of the planet’s most demanding environments to prove it has what it takes to go the distance.

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For any helicopter, the ability to fly farther is a significant advantage, but as Alain Fugit, Manager of the Utility Market Segment at Airbus Helicopters, explains, with the advancement of weapon systems and the evolution of combat, the ability to fly long distances and spend more time in the air is absolutely critical.

“The H175M can go a long way to reach the frontline.”

One of the things we can see in Ukraine is that long-range shots are becoming more accurate, and distances are increasing. Today, the zone from zero to 80 kilometers means that if you’re 80 kilometers away from enemy artillery, you’re already in danger.

Helicopters will have to start from farther away. That’s what makes this helicopter, in terms of range, autonomy, and technological level, truly exceptional.”

Flying in Saudi Arabia also demonstrated that the H175M could handle everything the desert could throw at it. In the desert, you might encounter sandstorms, very strong winds, turbulence, and the helicopter performed well.

Sand is an adversary, so the helicopter was equipped with anti-sand filters that served us well during the flights we made, proving we could land on the dunes and that the filters did their job of protecting the engines.

H175M. Photo: Reproduction Twitter AirbusHeliH175M. Photo: Reproduction Twitter AirbusHeli

In addition to comfortably dealing with inhospitable conditions, the flights also proved that the helicopter could keep its passengers cool and comfortable – something that is absolutely vital for military personnel who are likely to be carried.

This helicopter also has a large cabin and a larger hold that allows you to carry more equipment. There is plenty of space to carry stretchers and other kits. In the super-medium range, you can carry 15 soldiers or commandos, making it very versatile.

Photo and video: Reproduction Twitter @AirbusHeli

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