Valeria Silvestre, Argentine TikToker Dies at 23 on a Bus

Valeria Silvestre. Photos and videos: Tiktok @valesilvestreeValeria Silvestre. Photos and videos: Tiktok @valesilvestree

The Argentine digital influencer Valeria Silvestre, 23 years old, known for her vibrant content on TikTok, suddenly passed away while enjoying a vacation with friends.

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The incident occurred in Florianópolis, Brazil, a place where the young woman shared joyful and relaxed moments through videos and photos in the days leading up to the fatal event.
Valeria Silvestre. Photos and videos: Tiktok @valesilvestree

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The news of Silvestre’s death deeply shocked her followers and the digital world. It was Mile, Valeria’s cousin, who brought to light the sad details of the occurrence in a TikTok post. According to Mile, the young woman fell asleep on a bus during a trip with friends and when they tried to wake her up, they discovered that she had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Desperate, Valeria’s friends started cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures while waiting for an ambulance. “They took her to a hospital, and there we were told that she had passed away. She had a cardiac arrest and left us,” Mile lamented, amid outbursts about the speculations and disbelief that surrounded the news.

Valeria Silvestre was a well-known figure on TikTok, with almost 400,000 followers, admired for her original content ranging from literature and book recommendations to topics on the zodiac and astrology. Her last week was joyfully documented on social media, with images capturing the young woman enjoying the Brazilian sun and sea alongside friends – a trip that, sadly, had an abrupt and devastating end.

Valeria Silvestre. Photos and videos: Tiktok @valesilvestree
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Photos and videos: Tiktok @valesilvestree

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