USS Carney Targeted by Houthi Ballistic Missile

USS Carney. Photo: rawpixel
USS Carney. Photo: rawpixel

The USS Carney (DDG-64) intercepted an anti-ship ballistic missile fired by the Houthis on Friday afternoon, local time, the United States Central Command announced on the same day.

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The Houthis launched the missile at the ship, which had previously intercepted several Houthi drones and missiles. The Carney was the first ship to down Houthi weaponry when it used SM-2s to intercept multiple drones and missiles that were fired towards Israel following the Hamas attacks on October 7th and the subsequent Israeli bombardment in Gaza.

There were no injuries or damages reported, according to the Central Command’s statement.

The statement specifically mentioned that the Houthis fired the missile towards the Carney, marking a shift in the language of the Department of Defense. Before January 11th, when the US and the UK launched their first joint attacks against Houthi targets, the DoD refrained from stating that the Houthis were targeting American ships, instead saying that ships like the Carney were intercepting missiles and drones in self-defense as it was unclear if they were the intended targets.

Source: U.S. Naval Institute News

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