Truckers announce boycott of New York in response to $350 Million fine against Trump

Chicago Ray. photo: reproduction Twitter @Chicago1Ray

A group of truckers, supporters of former President Donald Trump, announced plans to boycott deliveries to the city of New York.

The move comes as a protest against the recent judicial decision that resulted in a fine of over $350 million against Trump in a civil fraud case.

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The decision was made by New York judge Arthur Engoron on Friday, following a trial that began in October. The case, brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accused Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization of inflating assets and committing fraud. In addition to the fine, Trump was banned from operating his businesses in New York for three years.

The truckers’ reaction was prompted by a video posted by a user known as Chicago Ray, who claimed to have spoken with about 10 drivers who agreed to stop accepting loads for New York starting Monday.

The video gained traction, with the phrase “BoycottNYC” trending on social media, with over 13,000 mentions.

Despite uncertainty about the effectiveness of the boycott, Chicago Ray is not the only one expressing opposition to the judicial decision. Elena Cardone, wife of real estate investor Grant Cardone, created a GoFundMe page titled “Stand with Trump; Fund the unfair $355 million trial.” Grant Cardone stated that “100% of the funds will be allocated to the Trump Org for defense of this ridiculous trial.”

The strong reaction to the civil fraud trial suggests an indication of how America may respond to the outcomes of the ongoing legal proceedings Trump faces in federal and state courts.

Video and photo: reproduction Twitter @Chicago1Ray

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