Scary Video: Driver Drags Gas Station Attendant Caught on Fuel Hose

Vídeo assustador: Motorista arrasta frentista presa a mangueira de tanque de combustível
Photos and video: X @ORebateOficial

In a scary video, a driver from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, dragged a gas station attendant caught on a gasoline fuel hose last Saturday (18).

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A gas station attendant was dragged by a driver after accelerating the car in a scary video. The woman was caught on the fuel tank hose.

The video was captured by a security camera on-site. The incident took place in the city of Mar de Espanha, Minas Gerais, Brazil, last Saturday (18).

According to police reports, the driver did not realize that the hose was still attached to the car and drove off, dragging the gas station attendant. The current health condition of the gas station attendant after the incident is unknown.
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