Russia to Send Warships and Nuclear Submarine Kazan to Cuba

Nuclear submarine Kazan. Photo: WikimediaNuclear submarine Kazan. Photo: Wikimedia

Russian Navy ships to arrive in Havana on June 12, announces Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a detachment of four Russian Navy ships, including the frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the nuclear submarine Kazan, will arrive at the port of Havana for an official visit from June 12 to 17.

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“A naval detachment of the Russian Federation composed of four ships — the frigate Gorshkov, the nuclear submarine Kazan, the fleet tanker Pashin, and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker — will make an official visit to the port of Havana from June 12 to 17, 2024,” the ministry said in a statement.

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The visit is justified by the “historically friendly relations” between the two countries and is in strict compliance with international regulations, the statement highlighted.

“None of the ships carry nuclear weapons. Therefore, their stop in our country does not pose any threat to the region,” the statement said.

During their stay, Russian sailors are expected to pay a courtesy visit to the commander of the Cuban Revolutionary Navy and the governor of Havana, as mentioned in the statement.

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Frigate Admiral Gorshkov. Photo: WikimediaFrigate Admiral Gorshkov. Photo: Wikimedia

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