Official Video of the New Himalayan 450 is Unveiled

Official Video of the New Himalayan 450 is Unveiled
Official Video of the New Himalayan 450 is Unveiled. Photo: Reproduction

The new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 was officially unveiled by the Indian brand this Sunday, 8/10.

After numerous teasers and sightings, without giving many details about what the model would look like, the manufacturer finally released some images that showcase the successor to the Himalayan 411 in its entirety.

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It is expected that the new bike will have a larger liquid-cooled engine, thus giving rise to the Himalayan 450. However, information from the Indian media suggests that the bike’s name might be Himalayan 452.

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According to information published by Royal Enfield on social media:

In 2016, the Himalayan 411 was introduced, a capable motorcycle specifically built and originally designed to explore the Himalayas.
Since then, the bike has circumnavigated the globe, withstood the extremes at the South Pole and Karakoram, and continues to prove its strength along the mountain ranges and peaks of the Himalayas around the world.

The all-new Himalayan is a creature of its environment. A deep, mystical space that is always changing, and changing rapidly.

The only constant in the Himalayas is change.

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Information from the website motoo

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