New ‘Terminator’ Tanks Arrive Directly to the Combat Zone in Ukraine

New 'Terminators' tanks arrive directly to the combat zone in Ukraine

Training of the new armored ‘Terminator‘ vehicles are organized at a training field located in the rear area of what the Russians call the special operations zone (Ukrainian regions invaded by Russia).

+ See the video of the new Terminator tanks

According to some Russian sources, the Terminator, a tank based on the T-90, has rid itself of the foreign components it was previously equipped with. The imported electronics proved to be very sensitive to moisture and could not withstand harsh conditions.

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New 'Terminators' tanks arrive directly to the combat zone in Ukraine
According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the military is studying the tactical and technical characteristics of the BMPT “Terminator”, learning to drive at high speeds, to shoot with direct aim, and from covered firing positions.

During practical actions, standard smoke camouflage methods are practiced, as well as maintaining communication with the unit’s command.

Sources: Ministry of Defense of Russia – Videos and photos: telegram mod_russia / dva_majors

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