New Hyundai SUV to be the Cheapest Electric Car Yet

New Hyundai SUV to be the Cheapest Electric Car Yet New Hyundai SUV to be the Cheapest Electric Car Yet (Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)

The electric mini-SUV Casper, from Hyundai, will be launched for European markets aiming for a price tag of €20,000, the cheapest EV so far.

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The model, already produced in South Korea with a conventional combustion engine, will be adapted for the European market. The Casper will become electric, but with a less powerful battery, which means a shorter range.

The car should be on par with its main competitor, the Spring from Dacia, which is currently the best-selling electric car on the continent. The lithium iron phosphate battery will provide a range of about 200 to 300 kilometers without needing a recharge.

(Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)

Compact, with about 3.80 meters in length, the Casper is not expected to offer much power but should work well for a light and small urban car.

The price is one of the main advantages, as the South Korean company intends to launch the model in the range of €20,000 (about US$21,500), a bit below its rivals. It’s worth noting that in France, with subsidies for electric vehicles, the price is expected to drop to about €18,000.

According to a report from Automotive News Europe, Hyundai may start production as early as July, with a debut planned for the third quarter of this year.

(Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)

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