Learn more about the MH-60M Black Hawk

MH-60M Black Hawk MH-60M Black Hawk. Photo: flickr/AvgeekJoe

The MH-60M Black Hawk is the special operations version of the UH-60M helicopter, customized for the needs of the US Army. It’s equipped with the Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) glass cockpit and more powerful YT706-GE-700 engines.

All special operations Black Hawks were planned to be upgraded to the MH-60M standard by 2015.

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The MH-60M performs two main roles for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) of the US Army, also known as the Night Stalkers: medium assault and medium attack, through the Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) configuration. The Night Stalkers are an elite unit known for their proficiency in challenging and high-risk operations.

In terms of additional features, the MH-60M includes an aerial refueling probe, which allows for extended range and operational duration, enhancing the helicopter’s ability to perform prolonged missions.

MH-60M Black Hawk MH-60M Black Hawk. Photo: Wikimedia

The UH-60 Black Hawk family of helicopters, to which the MH-60M belongs, has been operational since 1978 and is renowned for its versatility in multiple mission roles. The latest variant, the UH-60M, includes improvements over its predecessors and is designed for export as the S-70A helicopter.

These aircraft serve in a variety of roles, including troop transport, medical evacuation, and logistical support.

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