Discover the A129 Mangusta, the First Fully Developed Western European Attack Helicopter

A129 Mangusta. Photos: Reproduction
A129 Mangusta. Photos: Reproduction

The A129 Mangusta is a light attack helicopter designed and produced by the Italian company Agusta (now part of Leonardo-Finmeccanica).

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It was the first fully developed attack helicopter in Western Europe and remains a key component of the Italian Army’s attack aviation.
Launched in the 1980s, the A129 was designed to perform a variety of missions, including armed reconnaissance, escort, close air support, and anti-tank attack. It is equipped with a range of weapons, such as anti-tank missiles, unguided rockets, and a nose-mounted machine gun.

The A129 is known for its agility and survivability. It features a five-blade rotor system, an aerodynamic design for greater speed and maneuverability, and protective measures, including armor and electronic countermeasure systems to enhance its survivability in combat environments.

Over the years, the A129 has been updated and modified, leading to the development of improved variants. One of these is the T129 ATAK, an enhanced version of the A129, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries in partnership with AgustaWestland (now Leonardo Helicopters) for the Turkish Armed Forces.

The T129 is a more advanced and powerful version of the A129, with improvements in electronics, weaponry, and survivability capabilities.

A129 Mangusta. Photos: Reproduction
A129 Mangusta. Photos: Reproduction
Specifications A129 Mangusta
Manufacturer Agusta (now part of Leonardo)
Main Function Light attack helicopter
First Flight September 15, 1983
Introduced in 1990
Crew 2 (pilot and gunner)
Length 12.28 m
Rotor Diameter 11.90 m
Height 3.35 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 4,600 kg
Engines 2x Rolls-Royce Gem 2-1004D
Maximum Speed 278 km/h
Range 510 km
Armament Anti-tank missiles, unguided rockets, nose-mounted machine gun

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