850 Fantom Air: A Porsche Macan Made for the Oceans, Priced Over 560,000 Euros

850 Fantom Air. Photos: Reproduced from Instagram @porsche.ysal
850 Fantom Air. Photos: Reproduced from Instagram @porsche.ysal

The Frauscher, a renowned Austrian boat manufacturer, in partnership with the iconic Porsche, introduces the 850 Fantom Air.

This boat, a milestone in the nautical industry, incorporates the electric system of the much-anticipated Porsche Macan EV, adapted for navigation.

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The challenge of integrating the electric transmission of the Macan EV into a boat’s design necessitated a series of significant technical and aesthetic modifications. The aim was to preserve the essence and unique sensations associated with the Porsche brand.

The 850 Fantom Air, with its impressive dimensions of 8.7 meters in length and 2.49 meters in width, can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers.

This innovative version of the boat is equipped with an electric motor capable of developing 544 hp in Sport+ mode. This configuration allows the boat to reach a maximum speed of 46 knots (approximately 85 km/h). The 850 Fantom Air also offers a Range mode, limiting the speed to 22 knots (44 km/h) and maximizing the autonomy to up to 100 kilometers per charge.

The 100 kWh battery, essential for the operation of the propeller, was strategically positioned at the center of the vessel. Additionally, the hull was designed to withstand the continuous impacts typical of navigation. Maintaining Porsche’s tradition, the start switch is located to the left of the panel. Customers can choose from all the colors available in Porsche’s sports line, further personalizing their vessel.

With production limited to just 25 units, the 850 Fantom Air from Frauscher, inspired by Porsche, is an exclusive luxury item, priced starting from 561,700 euros.

The first boats are scheduled to be delivered to the happy owners starting in the spring of 2024, marking a new chapter in the history of luxury navigation.

Photos: Reproduced from Instagram @porsche.ysal

Video: Reproduced from Instagram @imfirstclassmag

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